The Role of Company Review Portals in Talent Acquisition

 Review Portals in Talent Acquisition
Review Portals in Talent Acquisition

Gone are the days, when a candidate used to wait for a call, from a recruiter. A job isn’t just working anymore, it is a brand which determines your personal brand! Erstwhile companies used to provide jobs for people, now the talent acquisition system looks for people first who fit the jobs.

A large part of the decision-making process starts much before the candidate gets the actual call. With company review portals, it becomes extremely easy for prospective candidates to assess the internal work environment and what they can expect. Company review portals, work on a simple concept that people believe people. You might not know anyone in the company, but a candidate today still wants to know everything about the company much before joining.

The First Impression

Delivering Highest Quality Candidates
Delivering Highest Quality Candidates

Any organization now needs to have a social presence. Social media is second to employee referrals as depicted to attract talent. This implies a strong inference on the influence that UGC has on the candidate’s mind. What is UGC?

UGC OR User-generated content has a very large impact on what people think OR know about the company in conversation. With the advent of company review portals, which give a platform to current employees as well as alumni. This allows every candidate to make a choice much ahead of an interview call.

Circle of Influence:

Candidate engagement and building conversations have become the core of any hiring activity. All the conversations and the activities pursued by an organization online/offline are integral to create a superior candidate experience. In a webinar held on “Hot staffing trends that impact business” carried out by a staffing agency, had interesting insights.

  1. 73% of candidates would go ahead to accept a lower compensation if the company had great online reviews
  2. More than 77% candidates willingly nod to a 5% lower salary than their expected compensation if the employer created a great impression during the hiring process. This included both online and offline methods.
  3. Around 60% candidates do not take jobs in companies which have limited social presence and responsiveness.

The Relationship Economy:

Company review portals are easier mediums to maintain a dialogue with not just candidates, but also the internal workforce. The entire investment of effort and time, that is spent in keeping the dialogue active will certainly prove to be highly profitable for the bottom line. Use archived data in combination with automated notifications to build consistently strong, communication-rich relationships.

In order to clap you need both hands always. Similarly as important as it is for a candidate to maintain a positive social profile, it is equally OR in fact much more important for a company to maintain an enthusiastic online presence. Review portals have a synergistic effect on your existing social Klout.

The affect areas:

It is not just important to be present on social review portals, but then what is the display content is as important OR even more. So what are the areas that you could positively influence with regular maintenance of the social review portals? OR let’s ask this question a little differently.

What do candidates usually look for when researching for any company online? The graph below depicts the various affect areas with review portals OR social presence.

Areas of review portal's influence
Areas of review portal’s influence


Review portals are important because they are becoming a more integral part of not just the job offer and interview process but the entire engagement process that extends beyond the conventional transaction. Review portals have gained importance because the evaluation of the company by the prospective candidate begins much ahead in the consideration phase of employment.

There are high chances that your marketing team is maintaining your company’s social media and online mentions which makes the ability to monitor sites and conversations. The talent acquisition teams will need to sync with marketing to ascertain if, when and how to respond to reviews and comments. All Employers are not perfect and therefore you might chance upon negative reviews. I still dine at restaurants on Zomato with less than four stars. Candidates like consumers watch the responses employers have for negative reviews. This makes it important for employers to exhibit their listening skills and introducing changes to their processes or way of thinking.




Shaping The Future Of Recruitment Trends

Shaping the future of recruitment trends
Future of Recruitment Trends

2018 looks to be the promising year for revolutionizing recruitment. 

So what’s new this season?

Planning to stay ahead of the competition?

In order to stay eminent, you need to evaluate where you stand right now compared to your talent acquisition competitors. Look out for the most innovative strategies to satisfy the new talent acquisition goals every year.

So let’s find out how in the coming future we can drive the existing recruitment trends to a new dimension.

AI Powered Search:

Why would you need a job board, if your machine can search candidate automatically? Thanks to the emerging AI technology it has become possible now. AI has become quickly a very powerful tool in candidate search procedure. If you give the machine an indication of the type of candidates you are looking for, it will start a broad search, and deliver a long list of potential candidates quickly.

Around 15% of HR leaders from 40 countries report AI and automation have already made a great impact on their workplace plans. Moreover, 40% say they expect artificial intelligence to affect the plans they have for the next 2 to 5 years.

So, AI is the next robust technology that will be widely used in the recruitment industry.

Workplace Diversity:

The term workplace diversity is defined as accepting and valuing the differences that exist between people of different gender, age, background, religion or ethnicity.

In recent years, companies have recognized both social and financial benefits of hiring a diverse workforce. Almost 60% of recruiters said that they design their hiring strategies to attract diverse candidates. Moreover, not only is this trend becoming increasingly popular across all industries, it’s also listed as mandatory.

In 2017 we have witnessed a huge shift in the mentality where recruitment strategies are designed to reduce unconscious bias.

And it will continue further!

Candidate Nurturing:

Millennials and Gen Z expect seamless candidate experience, much like the one they are offered when shopping online.

So to get the potential talent’s attention, recruitment professionals should always offer a smooth candidate experience during the entire hiring process. Automate the application process so that it takes much lesser time and all the details can be filled easily.

Yes, use all the automated tools and processes you can to be more efficient, but use your efficiency to provide a human touch, being more personal in your communications and more empathic in your interaction with candidates.

Nurture them until the time of onboarding so that the whole recruitment process gives a positive impact on the candidate.

Social Media Hiring:

With millennials being the major workforce nowadays, social media recruiting has become even more important. It looks at trends in the recent years.

Nurture your employer’s presence across all social media platform and measure the hiring statistics. According to a study, it is found that,

Over one-third of organizations have taken steps to leverage mobile recruiting. 84% of companies are currently using social media as one of the effective hiring steps and 9% are planning to implement in near future.


Chatbots are in increasingly used in recruitment, to have conversations with candidates. They can save recruiters a lot of time, by responding the primary questions of candidates. They help them to make the first selection.

The chatbots can talk with applicants on the website of organizations, but also through the assorted social media platforms (Facebook chat, WhatsApp etc).

High volume recruiting require communicating with thousands of candidates, in addition to a recruiter’s normal screening functions and other duties.

A chatbot can help recruiters save a lot of time.

Chatbots are also gaining popularity for improving the candidate experience.


These are 5 key recruitment trends that are expected to cause a massive shift in the way talent acquisition is looked at in the near future.

If you think we’ve missed out on any other trending development in the recruitment industry, your views and comments are welcome!

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Campus Recruitment and HirePro

Campus recruitment and Hirepro
Campus Recruitment and HirePro

A survey says as much as 84% of companies globally, understand the importance of campus recruitment. But, having said so, almost all of them agree on the fact that attracting campus talent is quite uphill a task.

In fact, it’s no secret that industries at large have been facing a major talent gap of late. The battle for talent acquisition has made organizations explore newer and better ways to source best-in-class talent through campus recruitment. With more than a lakh students adding up to the talent pool every year in India, the gap is widening.

Among the ways, organizations are implementing to change the face of recruitment, one of the major ones is, changing the dynamics of campus recruitment. Organizations today more than often hire from campuses well before the candidates graduate. As a result, providing them ample time to develop their role-specific skill sets by the time they graduate.  

Re-thinking your Campus Recruitment Program

Here’s how organizations could re-think their campus recruitment strategy for better results when it comes to acquiring talent:

1.  Indulge in employer branding – Every time an organization evaluates a candidate, the candidate evaluates the organization as well. It’s essentially important hence, to put the best foot forward. Be it the work culture or organizational policies or even the product/service domain.

2. Understand the candidate – It’s essentially important to understand the candidate – his intent, his expectations. Learn about a candidate’s objective and personal goals and align them to the growth of the organization. It can go a long way in both acquiring and retaining talent.

3. Doing it the “intelligent” way – The approach to acquiring campus talent should be objective, transparent and metric-driven. Many organizations lose out on potential talent due to lack of informed decision-making. Being aware of the talent landscape is a necessity for organizations to on board the right campus talent.

4. Hire anytime, hire anywhere – The talent scenario today demands an omnipresent campus recruitment program. But, in reality, any organization can only visit a handful campuses on a given day. To bridge this growing gap between talent and organizations, remote recruitment needs to be leveraged. Anytime, anywhere hiring is the future of the talent acquisition space by far.

Advantage of HirePro’s Campus Recruitment 

In the highly competitive world of campus recruitment, HirePro acts as a strategic expert partner. HirePro help companies navigate the landscape – from choosing the right campus to holding effective campaigns and managing resource-intensive recruitment simultaneously across several campuses, in a well-coordinated manner.

HirePro’s campus solutions bank on the unmatched strengths of access to 2000+ campuses across the nation. An intuitive understanding of academic specialization and in-depth profiling of campuses and talent creates the foundation for the HirePro’s science of assessment concepts, design, and development.

With seasoned professionals in campus recruitment, HirePro has helped countless companies draw up the ideal campus recruitment program and implement it in an impeccably coordinated manner.

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ITeS in India – The Talent Landscape

ITeS sector in India is adding to the talent landscape
ITeS in India, adding to the talent landscape

ITeS in India witnessed a 32% growth year-on-year between April 2015 and April 2016. The year-on-year growth was recorded at 34% between May 2015 and May 2016 and skyrocketed to a further 46% between June 2015 and June 2016. Clearly, there’s no second thought on the fact that the industry is spreading its wings steadily. In fact, ITeS clearly leads the pack, when it comes to the growth quotient.

What does this growth mean to the ITes talent landscape?

The ITeS sector will continue to generate massive employment. It will continue with the trend of providing a bulk share of jobs. With the gradual rise of online shopping, social media and cloud computing, there is a demand for skilled professionals in the industry like never before. As reported by Internet and Mobile Association (IAMAI), the number of internet users in India was more than 250 million, and is expected to overtake USA as the second largest internet base in the world, in the near future.

Moreover, with the Indian government offering a fair share of opportunities to the ITeS sector in specific, a lot of MNCs are investing in India. As a result, a lot of Tier II cities are coming to the front, opening up greater opportunities to a wider range of talent.

Leading companies across the nation aren’t banking on Tier I colleges alone for talent. Since, the industry demands an unquenchable thirst for talent with every passing day, companies have to look further. To top that, ITeS in India is known to be an industry with unusually high attrition rates (5th highest attrition rates across industries in India ).

ITeS in India as per the KPMG Compensation Trends Survey Report 2017
Compensation Trends Survey Report from KPMG, 2017

As a result, companies aren’t hesitating in offering lucrative paychecks and employee benefits. Also, the concept of employee referral programs is being leveraged to the best possible, in a desperate attempt to better the retention ratios.

The future of talent acquisition in ITeS in India – Adapt or perish!

With technology reaching greater heights, the hour demands specialist jobs. The professional preference is shifting all the more in favor of niche skills. As a result of the ongoing automation storm, the industry may lose a great number of “low-skilled” jobs. The ITeS industry employs as much 3.7 million people and the rise of automation is expected to hit this industry the worst. With such a scenario at hand, it will not be surprising to see the preference of the talent. ITeS in India may witness a paradigm shift to more and more niche skills. For, that looks the only viable way to survive!

Talent Acquisition in 2017: Looking into the Crystal Ball

Talent Acquisition in 2017: Looking into the Crystal Ball
Talent Acquisition in 2017: Looking into the Crystal Ball

There was a time when trends used to last a minimum of five years and recruiters would be satisfied with a plan based on certain speculations. Today, a recruiter to have that long a foresight is neither possible nor recommended. Hence, it has to be as brief as a year’s span to study the latest trends and make suitable changes to the existing talent acquisition strategies. Sitting at the fag end of the year, it is only time that we talk about the trends that will define Talent Acquisition in 2017.


Shaping Talent Acquisition Space in 2017

Catch ‘em young

Catch 'em young: Pre-candidate engagement
Catch ’em young: Pre-candidate engagement

It has not much been talked about but felt often. As a talent acquisition personnel, it has been observed as a crucial reason why candidates choose otherwise even before they get to an interview. A pre-candidate engagement strategy is going to make a visible difference in how talent acquisition in 2017 blooms. Getting candidates comfortable with a prospective employment space will not only add successful numbers but an elevated association between the candidate and the employer.

Hiring on the go

Mobile has already redefined how people shop and experience things today. The next in line is recruitment. Companies and hiring firms are highly aware of this fact and are swiftly moving to mobile adaptive platforms or purely application based interfaces. These technological advances allow talent acquisition specialists to follow talent wherever they go. It is also turning out to be a great tool in candidate engagement cycle where the constant touch is maintained through shared information, SMS updates, social sharing.

Recycle, Rejuvenate

Recycle, Rejuvenate: Repository Management
Recycle, Rejuvenate: Repository Management

Come 2017 and people will realise how much candidate data they are sitting with. We have notices a gradual need of Repository Management in the past few years and as we close in to the end of this decade, it seems like the most intelligent way to recycle and rejuvenate talent. For talent acquisition personnels, repository management is a boon. By only revisiting what has been accumulated and filtering the right way, the lead time to closing an opening can be minimized to great scales. Also the fact that talent itself moves through a subsequent growth path adds value to the candidature and role.

Supply as per Demand

The concept of contingent staffing is slowly becoming more acceptable as businesses tend to need based hiring. Talent Acquisition in 2017 will see an exceptional growth in this area with part-time jobs and freelancing opportunities. Interestingly, it is going to be a win-win for both sides as people will tend to move towards more flexible roles and timings at work, while businesses will look for specific talent for unique projects. As quoted in a Business Essentials article, “With their desire for flexibility and a work-life balance coupled with aspirations of progressing swiftly up the corporate ladder, millennials are the ideal candidates to take on contingent employment.” While the millennial workforce will largely drive this trend, who prefer to own what they do and have a say in how they work; the talent acquisition space will be gearing up for such shifts in 2017.

The Eating Fear

Apart from all that is good and progressive, automation is the one threat that is eating into the minds of the larger working community. As of 2016, quite a few companies worldwide have chosen to cut short on workforce and have moved to automation as a solution. There is enough debate going on whether automation will erode the market of jobs. However, at this point there is no visibility into which sectors will be affected most. In 2017, talent acquisition will have this as a larger question posed against the contemporary scene of existing talent and freshers.


Wait ‘n’ Watch

For all of us now, it is but a brief wait and by mid 2017, we will see the above trends making quite a few ripples in the talent acquisition space. While we are sure of some, there will be some new surprises thrown in that will eventually turn the pages on the year’s successes or failures. The talent acquisition as a function is quickly changing modes to get a grip on the shifting ways of economical and social behavior. In times to follow, research and data will push recruitment intelligence to refined levels, wherein talent acquisition would be matter of a few sequential clicks.

Thoughts on Cloud Recruiting

Cloud recruiting
Cloud Recruiting

Technologically speaking, the HR space has witnessed major shifts in the last few years. The most revolutionary of all this however remains the genesis of cloud based technology. Cloud recruiting marked a new dawn rendering ERPs obsolete. Efforts of months were cut down to an overnight affair, thanks to the shift in the way and speed of technology implementations.

Talking of a true cloud solution, being hosted in a data center is but, just one of the lesser differentiators. The major difference lies in the ease of access, usability, seamless upgradation and scalability, which ultimately reduces implementation efforts and costs to the barest minimum. Such benefits have already pushed the entire technology space towards a cloud-based environment.

Why Cloud Recruiting?

The concept of cloud recruiting was a result of the need for speed in talent acquisition. With every passing day, talent acquisition has been growing all the more competitive, fast-paced, interactive and engaging like never before.

Today’s talent knows their worth and are quite aware of the competitive landscape. They are impatient and given the growing numbers in opportunities that come by, it isn’t long before they are gone. As a result, swift, flawless and engaging HR processes have become a necessity in 2016.

In the words of Laura Kerekes, “Talent acquisition has become a seller’s market. For employers, it’s all about maximizing the candidate experience through the job application process.”

Not having HR processes not fast and easy enough for candidates is the cardinal sin of the modern day recruiting.

To Cloud or Not-to-Cloud

Ironically, despite being quite a success, software as a service (SaaS) has remained to be a highly misunderstood idea amongst decision-makers and thought-leaders. A majority of enterprises are still evaluating whether or not hosting applications on the cloud is the right way out.

While a lot might debate the necessity of on-cloud recruiting, it sure has a clear advantage over on-premise solutions.

  1. On-cloud has generated 1.7 times more ROI and 84% reduction in application cost with ensured vendor software support over on-premise.
  2. On-cloud eliminates the idea of restricted access. The concept of cloud recruiting leverages anytime, anywhere access with real-time visibility.
  3. On-premise solutions face 61.4% security attacks vis-a-vis cloud solutions that face 27.8% attacks.
  4. On-cloud reduces time to implement processes considerably, provides with advanced security data tools and helps secure servers across multiple locations.
  5. On-cloud is as user friendly as it can get. From addition of new features to software updation, on-cloud is all about automation.

The Epilogue

Cloud recruiting is about spotting the right fit.
Cloud recruiting is about spotting the right fit.

Cloud recruiting isn’t all about engaging the right talent. Cloud recruiting is also about spotting the right fit.

Cloud-based hiring tools allow recruiters and hiring managers to easily spot, evaluate and list out top talent. Innovative assessment techniques and and filtering techniques help provide a holistic view of top talent. Through bio-metric data, companies are looking forward to predict better which candidates are most likely to be a good fit for a given job role.

Data analytics are instrumental in helping recruiters discover which passive candidates are better to approach.

While digitization can never fully replace the human instinct necessary for identifying the right talent, the ability to stay atop technological trends could be very well a recruiter’s biggest advantage going forward.

Select the Swan – Employability Assessments

In Hindu mythology, from the early days of Rig Veda and Chandogya Upanishad, the bird has always been associated with sun and saints. The bird evolutionarily signifies “Beauty” and “Balance”. A swan is characteristically waterfowl and closely connected with water. It even nests near water bodies. Water is also symbolic of fluidity, intuition and creativity. Anatomically, Swans have known to have a sieve in the lower section of the beak. This is the reason why they are believed to have the capability to separate water from milk.

Select the Right Swan
Select the Right Swan

The connection

Employability Assessments are an attempt to recruit the swans of the corporate world. They are designed to find the candidate who can keep oneself grounded and balanced on earth, would loft to great heights in the air, and winding through business waters with magnificent elegance. These birds or conversationally, the employee help the organization to sail serenely through the tidal business waves. The waters are known, the environment is conducive and the business is ready to welcome the swan, but who is it going to be? What aspects would constitute the milk – read “Talent”?


It is the way the candidate gives a framework to the content that determines the initial structure. Structure gives a clarity to the thought-process. Style determines the qualitative fitment of a candidate with the existing ecosystem of the company. Structure and Style are extremely personal while the third aspect is quantitative; Content which is usually the data or the information. Written tests, and aptitude check would determine the capability of a candidate to express effectively.

Team playing:

Adaptability to any situation has been an everlasting personality trait that employers look for in most candidates. Just like swans, which would be mistaken for fragility but is a well-rounded and worldly bird, candidates should be equally comfortable in taking directions from a superior as well as always up for a feedback from juniors. Methods like group discussions, role plays etc. help determine this aspect of a prospective employee.

“IDEAL” problem solver:

The balance and grace in problem solving is an essential feature to be assessed. The ability to Identify and Define a problem are the first stages. Post the definition stage it is important to Examine the world of options, and then Act on a plan. This would enable you to Look at a probable solution. The Ideal problem solver can be assessed through gamifications, scenario based questions, case studies and so on.


Enjoys finer aspects in life? A huge expulsion of stamina for paddling to greater heights? Tranquil exterior but a volatile personality? Each attribute has a different manifestation and as an employer finding the true personality behind that human form is essential to attract, retain and satisfy the employee. If what motivates a person is found out as a part of the employability assessment, a large part of the post-employment puzzle gets right.


Fragility encompassing substantial energy to achieve the ultimate goal is the highest level of endurance expected from any potential talent. Most psychometric tests are assessing this inner level of endurance of a candidate.

Way ahead:

The methods that you use would vary based on the level and the domain you would assess for. But the qualities that you would look for largely would remain similar. We at HirePro, do not recommend life jackets but ensure employment of swans who would steer the business to greater heights be it “Adversity” or “Diversity” of the corporate seas.

Employer Branding is Significant for Talent Acquisition – How Good is Yours?

Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition
Employer Branding

In recent years, there has been a global concern among  the companies about finding and reserving the best talent to achieve their growth ambitions. So how are you competing effectively in this new war of talent? If the question strikes you, then  it is time to place an increased emphasis on employer branding strategy.

These are some questions that a potential candidate can ask at an interview to assess or find out how evolved your company is in its approach to employer branding.

  1. Why would I want to work for you?
  2. How many employees would recommend your company as a best place to work?
  3. What is the perception of your tenured employees about your work culture?

Talent acquisition has undergone pivotal change in recent years, accompanied with the adoption of  recruitment strategies formulated by companies. The consequence of all these efforts is employer branding. If we start analyzing the employer brand for some of the  best companies over time, we see that they had the luxury of attracting the top candidates. However, most of the employers may have to struggle to recruit for certain functions, business units due to lack of proper employer branding strategies.

Here’s why we think it is worth the investment:

1) Brand Recall – This definitely doesn’t surprise you, isn’t it? The more a candidate is aware about your company culture, it is more likely of them to feel familiar with it. With the impression being positive, they are quite likely to think of your organization as a good place to work.

2) Become the Talent Magnet –  As mentioned earlier, it is significant to leave a good impression of your brand on candidate’s mind. This translates into higher rate of job consideration by probable candidates and their peer group.

3) Be Social – Focusing on employer branding is important for acquiring talent at all levels, given the fact that now candidates have access to various social media platforms. Hence, it goes without saying that a strong social media presence adds value to the overall branding effort.

As a result of the above mentioned, it becomes easier to attract all kinds of audiences, while keeping in mind the junior talents to individual contributors and managers. After all, the organization with a better employer brand becomes the strategic foundation of hiring the best talent and retaining the top tier of those around the globe.

Tips and Tactics to drive Employee Referral Success

Employee Referrals are the best way to hire. This infographic takes you through some tips and tactics to drive employee referral success.

Tips to drive Employee Referral Success
Employee Referral Success