Find the best talent through remote campus recruitment with HirePRO

Find the best talent through remote campus recruitment

The recruitment sector has seen a major upward shift in the last 10-15 years. With the emergence of technology in recruitment, the hiring market has evolved. With automation coming into the picture slowly, manual processes have been replaced, reducing time while increasing speed in recruitment.

During unprecedented times like now, most companies, of different sizes, across multiple industry verticals, are resorting to remote hiring. HirePRO leads as an end-to-end digital recruitment provider which makes remote campus recruitment frictionless. Ours is a customizable remote hiring solution that helps you achieve your freshers hiring goals right from the comfort of your home.

We automate eligibility checks post online registration, cheat-proof online assessments, resume shortlisting, interview scheduling, LOIs release and communications, leaving zero need for companies to travel.

For the past 15 years, we have been acing with our campus recruitment solutions and providing our clients with the best recruitment experience through HirePRO Campus. During our successful journey of finding the best talent from top campuses in India, we have reached 5 million+ candidates across 10,000+ colleges in 300+ cities.

What’s HirePRO Campus

HirePRO Campus is a unique blend of an enterprise platform and customized solutions. We humbly take pride being the sole recruitment technology platform that offers complete remote recruitment. We, at HirePRO, identify the right campuses, host online campus recruitment drives, assess students against their skillsets via proctored online video tests and interviews, automate offer and onboarding procedures for you.

We make campus recruitment frictionless!

Our remote campus recruitment solution includes

  • Identifying your hiring requirements and colleges that meet your expectations
  • Coordinating with campus placement cells for promoting your online campus hiring program
  • Making digital arrangements for remote recruitment drives
  • Providing automated solutions for smooth resume selection, assessments, interviews, offers roll out and digital onboarding procedures

How to optimize remote campus recruitment with HirePRO Campus

While our online campus recruitment platform automates the workflow with the power of AI, our solutions offer comprehensive insights and services for quality talent selection at any scale, at any time. To summarise, here is what you get:

  • Campus Applicant Tracking System (CATS)

If you would like to manage the entire campus recruitment process remotely here is our comprehensive platform that automates it for you. It helps you manage registration, assessments, interviews, offers and on-boarding, completely remotely. Our platform’s automation capabilities dive into conducting eligibility check, assessments, shortlisting, scheduling interviews, releasing LOIs and communications. That is not all, you can review and track the progress of your campus hiring programs with in-built dashboards and reports.

  • Proctored Online Assessments and Video Interviews

To help recruitment managers hold cheat-proof assessments remotely, our platform uses inbuilt AI capabilities which automatically detects and prevents fraudulent behaviour during the test. Our assessments platform offers a wide range of technical and non-technical assessments.  

  • Campus Recruitment Process Outsourcing (CRPO)      

Not every platform provides access to 2,000 campuses across the nation, but HirePRO’s CRPO (Campus Recruitment Process Outsourcing) does it based on our unique academic classification. CRPO  facilitates in-depth campus profiling basis a company’s talent requirements and helps the hiring managers capture and review reports automatically generated during every phase of the assessments and interviews.

Any change in the process means a change in data as well. This solution enables seamless data modification so that you can derive the correct insights into the entire process.

What our CRPO solution helps you with

Besides technology platform, HirePRO Campus also includes services that ensure smooth operations:

(1) Advisory services about the right campuses to choose

(2) Custom-made content for assessments

(3) Interview services, and

(4) Operations management

  1. Advisory services

Our team of experts brings to the table every required information on the current talent landscape and available talent groups, based on your hiring needs.

So, while every business is ensuring effective optimization of the world wide web to connect with other businesses, our talent experts are helping firms identify relevant colleges and universities through online advisory and consultation services.

We will help you decide on the best campuses you should reach out to; the specific skill sets you should assess and the best compensation packages you should offer against these skillsets. And all this will be the basis of our remote hiring strategy.

2. Assessment services

HirePRO is known for prioritizing customer requirements. And this also includes assessment-related data, test content, and application-based information.

Our in-house team of assessment experts develops customized assessment content that tests skills against your talent requirements. Whether it is a technical or non-technical test, you can address different categories of the talent pool with different kinds of test content, tailor-made for you.

3. Interview services  

HirePRO Campus arranges a panel of expert interviewers – the best across industry verticals, for companies which need designated subject matter experts who are eligible to interview chosen candidates, so you get to meet the best of the lot.

Our online selection system connects our interviewers with the candidates via impersonation-proof video interviews. This system enables mass interviews on successfully running automatic ID verification in the background.

4. Process and logistics management

As a coordinator between college placement cells and hiring teams, we provide advanced digital coordination support to conduct remote campus placement drives.

From company branding to candidate experience management, we run all the necessary operations required for a highly result-driven remote campus hiring drive.

5. Automated Onboarding

The onboarding process involves many stages, and to capture every stage, M-Brace, HirePRO’s SaaS-based responsive tool enables automated document submission and verification. Its advanced dashboard makes real-time reporting and analytics of onboarding candidates seamless during the onboarding phase.

Remote campus recruitment at any scale with HirePRO Campus

High-quality college hiring can take place remotely only through innovative technology and advanced services. In our AI-powered system, companies get:

  • A structured talent pipeline for selection
  • Lower cost and reduced time per hire
  • Higher process efficiency
  • Reduced iterations
  • Minimal errors
  • A single place to manage end-to-end remote campus/college recruitment

We provide ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant services and solutions, which are metric-based. The metrics ensure that employer branding, recruitment, and candidate engagement are well planned and successfully streamlined.        

With a varied range of customized offerings, HirePRO has become a one-stop-shop for all types of recruitment needs of business enterprises in India today. We enable automated hiring anywhere, anytime!

To get a free consultation on our remote campus hiring based offerings, call us at: 080 6656 0350 or write in to us at:

The 3 Greatest Challenges to Remote Candidate Assessment

Remote Candidate assessment
Remote candidate assessment

Remote Candidate Assessment Challenges – Who’s Who?

How often has it occurred to you that you hire a guy, who isn’t really the guy who took up the offer? The guy you hired was a pro-active, motivated and goal-driven professional. The guy who joined the team is a mere stranger to the phrases above!

Well, let’s say even the best of us sometimes fail to decipher the who’s who; who is the Bruce Wayne and who is the Dark Knight!

Candidate Assessment is a clearly a challenging easy task. Now, imagine the same scenario, but the assessment is remotely conducted. Tough. Isn’t it?

Forget deciding between Bruce Wayne and Batman, you might just be left wondering:

whether it’s Bruce Wayne or Bruce and Wayne.

So, what’s the bottom-line?

Remote candidate assessment sounds more of a double edged-sword; if you don’t embrace it, you lose out on talent, and if you do embrace, you aren’t really sure of the talent who got shortlisted.

Remote Candidate Assessment Challenges – To Be or Not To Be?

Remote Candidate Assessment can precisely be three possible combinations:

  • Written Remote Candidate Assessment,
  • Video Proctored Remote Candidate Assessment,
  • Or a combination of both of these.

Now, let’s delve deeper into each of these:

First scenario: 

  • You are basically assigning a candidate to complete the task on paper, or on the cloud. The glaring question is: how genuine is the remote candidate assessment actually? The candidate has options, both old-school and new-school, to ensure he hits the bull’s eye. While the new-school way of manipulating the assessment would mean a license to access almost everything on the internet, the old school refers to a different identity taking the assessment of the candidate. 

Second scenario:

  • Let’s say, your remote candidate assessment program is more scientifically designed. So you think, in saying that it is completely video-proctored, i.e, video interviews. The greatest problem with a video interview is: it isn’t really a viable option for assessing talent across levels and seniority. On top of that, having a webcam and internet is a must. While that’s more of a norm in 2017, it still does not really ensure a smooth, flawless video interview. It may end up in a terrible miscommunication. Again, just because a candidate is good at expressing face-to-face, doesn’t guarantee his ability to express himself equally well or at ease, on camera. In that case, you’d yet again be misjudging, based on your interpretations of his ease/hesitance (the unconscious bias).

Third scenario:

  • When it comes to a combination of both, things are even tougher to decipher, though it might look the most viable option, to ensure authenticity. Suppose Bruce Wayne applies for a job. You assign him an assessment, post clearing which, he will have to the final video interview. If he clears the video interview round as well, you roll out the offer. The equation is simple, right? Or, is it? What if, post onboarding, you realize, it’s definitely a Bruce, but not quite Bruce Wayne. What if, Wayne took the written assessment, and Bruce took the video interview? 

Remote Candidate Assessment Challenges – Worth The Risk?

Well, from the above observation, remote candidate assessment is a double-edged sword. Either way, it’s going to cut you. But, there’s a catch to the otherwise Catch-22. While it is not possible to correct remote assessment, under any circumstances, it could evolve for better. With the current talent landscape going more mobile than ever, remote candidate assessment is the way forward. The platforms offering remote candidate assessment have to be all the more robust, dynamic and customizable. The coming of age for remote candidate assessment is necessary to enhance talent connectivity and outreach at large. After all, anytime anywhere hiring is the new normal.