Recruitment Technology: Changing the Hiring Way

Recruitment Technology
Recruitment Technology

The recruitment market is buzzing with innovations. With the growing trends of AI in recruitment, it can be affirmed that there are AI-powered solutions for virtually every part of your recruitment funnel.

Recruitment technologies can promisingly make a difference in automating labor-intensive aspects of recruitment such as sourcing or candidate interview scheduling.

It has taken away the mundane points of the process for the recruiters and HR teams.

Recruitment Technology and HirePro

Choosing the right set of TA applications to deliver business objectives and enhance candidate experience; is a tightrope walk.

HirePro is the bridge between TA leaders and the technology to create unique solutions around specific needs and industry realities.

The idea of HirePro’s HireBoard Solutions is to provide an end-to-end recruitment solution that caters to all the hiring needs (Campus/off-campus/junior/mid and senior profiles) and a platform that automates the entire recruitment process workflow, right from employee requisition to onboarding and beyond.

HireBoard: The Complete Recruitment Solution

HirePro’s HireBoard Solution aids in identifying the top talent, pair skill sets with the job, assess the most potential talent and also helps in building a relationship with the right candidate.

Tracking the work and output: The Digital Way

Hirepro: Reports and Analytics
Hirepro: Reports and Analytics

To measure the success of your recruiting efforts, you need to track the right recruiting metrics to truly understand where you are winning and where you are not.

HirePro’s analytics dashboard tracks the metrics that have an effect on your hiring efforts. It provides a seamless and secure portal into the reports and the analytics for all on-ground coordination and remote hiring.

Hiring professionals can leverage these data to monitor their recruitment success.

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Do you have the necessary tools and solutions, flexibility, and capability to jump hurdles in a competitive recruitment environment?

If not, contact us, we can provide you with the most updated and customized solutions for all your hiring needs.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): The next big thing in hiring the best

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

For the elementary years, recruitment process outsourcing was viewed as a solution to hire a lot of entry level candidates, as fast and as economically as possible. But, times are changing! With the HR recruitment services and staffing firms in India constantly expanding their teams and operations to cater to the organization’s need of end to end recruitment services, today RPO is being specifically brought to dredge up the hard-to-find talent that the company needs to fill and retain for long term fix.

As the number of hiring increases and the war for attracting the best talent heightens, more and more companies are planning to outsource their recruitment process work to RPO firms.

How the Recruitment Process Outsourcing model provides assistance?

It essentially:

  • Is a single platform for all the stake holders to manage the entire recruitment cycle
  • Manages the volume hiring economically
  • Works on real time, phase wise report generation
  • Is complete Online Assessment Management
  • Provides solutions for On-campus, Off-campus and Pool campus events integration
  • Takes care of Multi campus recruitment event management

Software, technology and IT sectors are culpable for RPO growth in India. However, mid-size to large companies in manufacturing, telecom, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and banking sectors are also outsourcing their recruitment process to fill in their demands.

Well, the results of using RPO are significant:

  1. Due to growth of RPO in India, more and more companies are able to focus on enhanced quality hiring, reduction of cost in talent search and increase in speed of hiring.
  1. Companies can choose to outsource a part or the entire recruitment process from sourcing, managing on- demand recruitment needs, talent branding, managing assessments, post offer follow-up to on-boarding.
  1. Growth in RPO has decentralized the whole HR process and has helped the companies to focus on core competency development of their employees.
  1. RPO solutions have immensely accelerated the organizations ability to attract and retain the best talent across all levels. Better employer branding has led to better talent branding.