HirePRO partners with global learning leader Pearson to remotely monitor their English language assessments

The latest version of Pearson’s world-famous Versant test will have remote monitoring from HirePRO built-in to add enhanced security and authenticity.

Bengaluru, 01 May 2020: HirePRO, a leading recruitment technology, and assessment solutions company, has announced a partnership with Pearson, the world’s learning company, to automatically monitor and verify Pearson’s Versant test. The tie-up allows candidates across the world to take their tests remotely at any convenient location, even at home.

The integration of HirePRO’s unique automated proctoring technology with the test platform will enable employers to add more layers of security and verification to ensure they hire the most suitable candidates for their organization. HirePRO’s proprietary AI algorithms will be integrated into the Versant test, allowing test sessions to be monitored and recorded through its Automated Online Proctoring. It also compares the test taker’s face with the registrant’s photograph or authorized ID card. The technology flags any suspicious behaviours during the test to administrators for review.

Speaking on the occasion, Pasupathi Sankaran, Chief Operating Officer, HirePRO, said “We are very excited about the partnership with Pearson. The latest version of the Versant test will help employers to conduct assessments remotely with precision, enable a convenient and faster hiring process and reduce the operational costs associated with in-person tests. As India’s leading recruitment technology and solutions provider over the last 15 years, we have realized the growing need for remotely monitored assessments. The global pandemic has led to a wider acceptance of this type of assessments. Built by a team of experts with over 20 patents in audio / video technologies, our assessments platform offers test takers a superior experience and ensures automated detection and prevention of cheating.”

Freya Thomas Monk, Pearson SVP of English Assessment said, “Pearson has kept pace with the evolving customer needs with our trusted online assessments, now brought into test-takers’ homes via a great quality remote monitored solution. Recruiters and HR professionals have trusted Pearson’s Versant tests for over 25 years to support their recruiting processes and make effective hiring decisions. We are proud to have partnered up with HirePro on our new Versant + Remote Monitoring solution, which offers the reliability of the Versant English tests with the flexibility of secure offsite testing experience. This will enable corporations to expand their talent pool and advance only the most qualified candidates.”

Pearson has administered 350 million tests across 100 countries since 1996. The Versant + Remote Monitoring can be taken worldwide, with the exception of mainland China and sanctioned countries.

About HirePRO

HirePRO is a leading recruitment technology and assessment solutions provider to corporates, educational institutions, and governments. Established in 2004 and headquartered in Bengaluru, India, HirePRO offers preeminent technology platform and allied services to companies that require expert support to navigate the talent landscape. As a distinguished provider of automated selection platform and solutions, HirePRO holds the prominence of a strategic partner in the talent acquisition and recruitment market today. To know more about HirePRO and its offerings, please visit www.hirepro.ai   

About Pearson

Pearson is the world’s learning company with more than 22,500 employees operating in 70 countries. We provide content, assessment, and digital services to learners, educational institutions, employers, governments, and other partners globally. We are committed to helping equip learners with the skills they need to enhance their employability prospects and to succeed in the changing world of work. We believe that wherever learning flourishes so do people.  For further information on Versant + Remote Monitoring, as well as the wider suite of Versant tests on offer please go to www.VersantTests.com

Select the Swan – Employability Assessments

In Hindu mythology, from the early days of Rig Veda and Chandogya Upanishad, the bird has always been associated with sun and saints. The bird evolutionarily signifies “Beauty” and “Balance”. A swan is characteristically waterfowl and closely connected with water. It even nests near water bodies. Water is also symbolic of fluidity, intuition and creativity. Anatomically, Swans have known to have a sieve in the lower section of the beak. This is the reason why they are believed to have the capability to separate water from milk.

Select the Right Swan
Select the Right Swan

The connection

Employability Assessments are an attempt to recruit the swans of the corporate world. They are designed to find the candidate who can keep oneself grounded and balanced on earth, would loft to great heights in the air, and winding through business waters with magnificent elegance. These birds or conversationally, the employee help the organization to sail serenely through the tidal business waves. The waters are known, the environment is conducive and the business is ready to welcome the swan, but who is it going to be? What aspects would constitute the milk – read “Talent”?


It is the way the candidate gives a framework to the content that determines the initial structure. Structure gives a clarity to the thought-process. Style determines the qualitative fitment of a candidate with the existing ecosystem of the company. Structure and Style are extremely personal while the third aspect is quantitative; Content which is usually the data or the information. Written tests, and aptitude check would determine the capability of a candidate to express effectively.

Team playing:

Adaptability to any situation has been an everlasting personality trait that employers look for in most candidates. Just like swans, which would be mistaken for fragility but is a well-rounded and worldly bird, candidates should be equally comfortable in taking directions from a superior as well as always up for a feedback from juniors. Methods like group discussions, role plays etc. help determine this aspect of a prospective employee.

“IDEAL” problem solver:

The balance and grace in problem solving is an essential feature to be assessed. The ability to Identify and Define a problem are the first stages. Post the definition stage it is important to Examine the world of options, and then Act on a plan. This would enable you to Look at a probable solution. The Ideal problem solver can be assessed through gamifications, scenario based questions, case studies and so on.


Enjoys finer aspects in life? A huge expulsion of stamina for paddling to greater heights? Tranquil exterior but a volatile personality? Each attribute has a different manifestation and as an employer finding the true personality behind that human form is essential to attract, retain and satisfy the employee. If what motivates a person is found out as a part of the employability assessment, a large part of the post-employment puzzle gets right.


Fragility encompassing substantial energy to achieve the ultimate goal is the highest level of endurance expected from any potential talent. Most psychometric tests are assessing this inner level of endurance of a candidate.

Way ahead:

The methods that you use would vary based on the level and the domain you would assess for. But the qualities that you would look for largely would remain similar. We at HirePro, do not recommend life jackets but ensure employment of swans who would steer the business to greater heights be it “Adversity” or “Diversity” of the corporate seas.