Shopping for Talent Made Easy

SHOPPING FOR TALENT MADE EASYWhen the best in the business come calling, creating access to industry leading talent isn’t a nice-to-have, it is the key to success and accomplishment. It is in situations like this that innovation & relevant reach assume super-critical proportions and the ability to ensure precision in resource identification is an integral part of enabling the success of the venture. And when the assignment is for a Fortune 500 corporation with exacting standards of quality and excellence, HirePro’s expertise and innovation worked wonders to consolidate the leading retail workforce in the country.

A global retail giant looked at getting access to the most qualified people to satisfy the resourcing requirements for its latest division in Bangalore. The company is one of the largest in the world and was in the process of setting up a new division in India to help change the future landscape of e-commerce. They sought to hire an elite team to lead this division; with a key requirement being to ensure that this team in India matches the calibre of similar teams globally on business management and performance. The team was to comprise leading resources in information technology, with educational backgrounds in computer sciences, IT and information science.

Summary: HirePro helped a global retail giant to establish an elite team to help change the future landscape of e-commerce in India. They undertook an extensive analysis of the specific requirement and defined 3-phase strategy to ensure a successful and effective recruitment process.

The top three mandates of this assignment included –no compromise on quality of talent; brand promotion (relatively unknown employer brand in India); and off-campus recruitment management. The HirePro team undertook a detailed and extensive analysis of the specific requirements of the client; and at the end of the evaluation, defined a 3-phased strategy to ensure a successful and effective recruitment process. Phase 1 was a 3-month pilot for a focused talent branding to generate market interest and candidate profiles; along with the implementation of two sets of events with face-to-face interviews of 40 pre-screened candidates. Phase 2 involved a parallel effort by multiple teams over a 6 month period to complete critical hires with a 3 month Phase 3 for all positions closure and stabilization of process for future hires. Other initiatives implemented included advisory on talent landscaping and compensation benchmarking. The assignment also witnessed HirePro implement a highly effective program for screening / shortlisting process management, interview coordination and offer management.

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