Interview of Mr. Rishi Das, Co-founder, CareerNet Group with Sartaj Anand, Founder, egomonk

In the recent web episode of Insightful Encounters, Sartaj Anand, founder of egomonk, interviews Mr. Rishi Das, Co- founder of Careernet Group & CEO, CareerNet, HirePro & IndiQube.

In the interview, Mr. Rishi Das speaks about his new venture IndiQube which provides fully managed, plug and play startup workspaces, tailored to help startups and emerging small and mid-sized companies flourish.

He explains during the conversation that to scale up a business, one should fill the opportunity gaps prevalent in the market. Since the startups are flexible and ever growing, Indiqube properties also come with the flexibility to expand the existing space accordingly.

He mentions about the existing clientele of IndiQube with the likes of FreshMenu, BlueStone etc., which grew from a small startup to a mid-sized company with IndiQube as its growth partner.

When asked about his future plan he quotes, “Basically when you give birth to a child, it’s a big mental orientation, it’s a lot of commitment. So, I am now clearly aligned to make IndiQube big, create a big impact story out of that, take it pan India and impact a lot of entrepreneurs in a nice way.”

He also insists that IndiQube should not be mistaken as real-estate business, it is a complete B2B service provider.

This interview with Mr. Rishi Das serves as an inspiring story for emerging entrepreneurs and will immensely impact their future endeavors.  

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