How to simplify Onboarding with HirePro Mbrace, a POFU tool?

Simplify Onboarding with HirePro Mbrace
Simplify Onboarding with Mbrace, A POFU tool

Before we begin with laying out the story of why POFU is used for simplifying Onboarding let’s discuss what it is, let’s break down the acronym for you; POFU stands for Post Offer Follow-Up. It is not exactly a new concept, however, it tends to differ the way HirePro practices it. Post Offer Follow-Up is a simpler way to understand the holistic and indigenous candidate engagement and onboarding tool i.e. HirePro Mbrace. Yes, there is a word-play; Mbrace as in embrace. Onboarding is indeed about embracing the candidates and making their firsts steps into the organisation as smooth as possible. Apart from the formal information collection and background verification, Onboarding should be about increased candidate engagement and that is exactly what MBrace is. But before we get into what and how MBrace is the answer for successful onboarding, let’s look into the problem.

The Problem Statement

The first and foremost issue with the process starts right after the offer is laid out. While employers like to believe that the job is done, there is always a huge gap from the time of offer to actual joining date. So, in anticipation of onboarding the selected candidates, there is a good percentage of candidates that drop out, resulting in a setback of offer-to-joining ratios.

It is quite understandable, given the fact that right out of college a lot of students are not fully aware of their future aspirations. Although they choose to grab an employment offer to secure a future, most of them begin reconsidering the options during the ‘gap’ period. Things like whether the employer would match their career aspirations; will there be a defined growth path; including several other questions. Sometimes these questions emerge post-offer and when they go unanswered, that is when the chosen ones decide to drop the offer.

In the above scenario, more often than not these candidates have another offer to fall back to; An offer that may seem more lucrative as a comparison to the previous one. However, many times, these decisions are also influenced by peers, seniors and parents, who have different views about the prospective job. What remains common in all these, is the company’s sheer disconnect with the candidate. Since the employer gets complacent about a post-offer follow-up, the candidate goes the other way.

The problem statement, thus, gets defined as the dipping offer-to-joining ratios.

How MBrace solves it?

As described in the opening paragraph, MBrace is an automation platform that enables various steps of a post-offer follow up that will lead to onboarding of a candidate eventually. It is in this process, that MBrace ensures that the period between the offer to final joining, a candidate is actively engaged with all formal and informal communications; to keep the interactive machinery going, so that the candidate gets familiar with the organization and aspects of the job. The unique selling proposition for MBrace is multifold and is aptly defined through the diagram as shown below.

Diagrammatic representation of HirePro's M-Brace, POFU tool
Diagrammatic representation of HirePro’s M-Brace, POFU tool

The platform, being digital, cuts down on paper-intensive activities. Automation allows multi-platform interaction and real-time information sharing. Engagement process is taken care by a workflow with virtual mentoring of the candidate to be onboarded. High-level of personalization ensures that the tool is easy-to-use and practice. At the employer’s’ end, MBrace updates with insightful analytics to help with the decision-making process and corrective routes, if any, to be taken.

Processes of HirePro's Slimplified Onboarding tool, M-Brace
Processes of HirePro’s Simplified Onboarding tool, M-Brace

From the time of the offer roll-out, the BEST process is followed; BEST here stands for Branding, Engagement, Skill mentoring and Transactions (refer image). The first and foremost part of POFU initiation through MBrace involves offer roll-out tracking followed by regular interactions with the candidate. Next is allotting ‘buddy’ in the organisation who helps break the ice and warm-up the candidate for a new environment. Information sharing and helpdesk follow with a final task of a document collection. MBrace manages to cater, organise and deliver all these processes in a seamless manner.

The onboarding tool is quite adaptive and easily customizable to branding requirements. Add to that, MBrace allows a timely check on activities and task health. Trackers, query reports and non-compliance reports are generated for the teams to assess and revise processes, if necessary. MBrace, in its entirety, embodies the concept of less is more; with less turn-around time and paperwork, it ensures more information and interaction, leading to increased productivity. It eventually solves the problem statement with increased offer-to-joining ratios for organisations, as candidates show more confidence and stay assured of the future with the company. The interactiveness keeps the conversation alive and adds to the successful onboarding of candidates.

HirePro's M-Brace, A POFU tool
HirePro’s M-Brace, A POFU tool

The Future of HirePro’s MBrace, Onboarding tool

For organizations that take onboarding with conviction, MBrace offers a meaningful solution. The future for this tool will be defined by further enhancements and collaborative approaches; where one such step has already been put forward. Recently, HirePro has entered into an alliance with NestAway Technologies, India’s fastest growing home rental network and AuthBridge Research Services, leading providers of employee background verification services, to make onboarding a better experience. In this collaboration, NestAway will extend support with outstation candidate relocation and AuthBridge is committed to support with quick, comprehensive and compliant background verifications. This partnership aims to add value to the overall onboarding experience for both companies and candidates.

Now, has MBrace struck a chord with you? Let’s get talking.

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