How to create a better workplace for women in 2017

Workplace experience for women in 2017
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Womanhood is a celebration everyday, but on the occasion of International Women’s Day, it is important to invoke some of the important issues that have been hindering women’s socio-economic growth and talk about it. Let’s start by asking ‘How to create a better workplace for women in 2017’. It is a question that needs probing. Why do we have to worry about such existential crises, even in the year 2017? It is possibly because of the fact, that the most complex of problems usually have the simplest of solutions, which we tend to ignore.

For promising women that they will have a better workplace in 2017, all we need to do is focus on a few things, as we discuss it here.

Offer more than diversity

To compensate for diversity and balanced workforce, women have been welcomed in professional spaces, but with limitations. These unseen limitations stop them from truly contributing. Diversity at workplace, in the year 2017, should mean that women get to voice their opinion in a more positive way, without any fear of being judged or boycotted. Workplaces must become more inclusive of women, not just in form but in thoughts too.

Support the balance

Women have always pulled off a balancing act, however it becomes easier when there’s a support system. These can begin with home and be extended to work. Women get more comfortable coming to work, when they feel that the kids are taken care of. In absence of a full-time domestic support, organizations should be willing to extend baby care on site, offer work-from-home and flexible hours of work to ease out the pressure. A complete sense of work-life balance would eventually show in women’s confidence to bounce back to work.

Empower leadership

Women lead households as if they are born to it; they have the same conviction when it comes to professional responsibilities. It is high-time that seniors and managers at work start recognizing the female talent and give her equal opportunities to grow in leadership roles. Women are also entitled to receive ‘fair pay’ wherever they work and this should not be denied or we keep losing incredible talent to discrimination.

Glance through the infographic below to make better workplace for women in 2017:


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