How Onboarding done Right makes New Hires go WOW on the Date of Joining?

The essentials of right onboarding
The essentials of right onboarding

We strive to find ourselves the right candidate by trying to attract the right talent within the designated time for a certain role. We invest a lot of effort, money and resources in getting the right candidate inside the door and converting him into an employee. Is our job done?

In the current landscape, on-boarding is much more than “welcome you aboard”. New employee yearns for that ‘sense of belonging’ from the moment they accept the offer. If done incorrectly, on-boarding can leave a bad impression about the company’s culture and values. It is like showing a wrong direction to someone who is trying to find a particular address.

So, what’s the best way to make candidates feel at ease and accepted?

Reduce paperwork – To begin with, infinite number of forms and list of documents required for submission can make the candidate jumpy. The idea is not to dump forms or skip legal requirements; however, incorporate paper forms using a strong technology platform, so that there is an ease of completing all joining formalities before the candidate comes to work.  

Incorporate a buddy program – The concept of incorporating a buddy system is essential for great talent branding. Buddies are great for that first day, first week, first few months support. New hires feel more comfortable conversing with someone who is tenured in the organization, or who is knowledgeable about the firm’s policies and procedures. While pairing a new hire with a buddy, you need to make sure that the buddy is well versed about company’s culture, dress code policy, organization’s values, mission and people.

Remember, your assigned buddy is the extension of your employer’s brand and must have the quality to be the best ambassador to carry your companies brand image.

Engage your new hires through training – You can’t expect your new hires to be loitering around with no work. At the end of the day, you are burning money – think about the money you invested on getting them hired. It is important to engage your new hires by enrolling them for training, so they reach up to the standards.

Stay hooked with your new hires – If you are the one who recruited that new hire, it is obvious that he/she will always reach out to you, once they feel lost. It is recommended to keep an engaging relationship with the employee instead of passing the baton to the onboarding team.

From orientation to retention – 60% of HR professionals say that it is a major battle to retain the talented candidates. While you get them hired with attractive perks and salaries, keep an awesome orientation program ready for an exciting new experience. It is recommended to promote that amazing work culture to attract and retain the new hires.

Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity to build relationships and create a great employer branding of your company.

If you have an awesome onboarding story, do share it with us in the comment section below.

Chaikee Parasar
Content Specialist at HirePro Consulting

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