Executing Hiring Roadmap With Recruitment Management System (RMS)


Hiring Roadmap with Recruitment Management System
Hiring Roadmap with Recruitment Management System

Managing the entire recruitment process right from sourcing, on-demand recruitment needs, talent branding, managing assessments, post-offer follow-up to onboarding are quite complex steps.

The use of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has become obsolete and to make the recruiting system more tech-driven and smooth, multi-platform automated technology should be introduced. You can’t entirely rely on ATS.

Here comes the Recruitment Management System (RMS) in the picture. RMS can be defined as the one-stop solution for the entire recruitment process. ATS is just a part of whole recruitment management system software.

How RMS eases the tedious work of the hiring managers?

1) Reduced Wastage of Time and Increased Efficiency:

  • RMS decrease wastage of time by streamlining the entire hiring process from sourcing to onboarding of the new hires.  
  • Improves communications between various departments and automatically screens the relevant candidates for the available jobs.
  • No longer the hiring managers have to go through extensive piles of paperwork.
  • RMS ease the process of hiring ideal talent providing recruiters the opportunity to allocate more time to pertinent hiring efforts that can benefit the organization.
  • Elements like interview scheduling, online job postings and resume screening of RMS relieves from manual work.
  • Detailed reporting make it easier to evaluate suitable candidates and ensures that good candidates don’t get overlooked, resulting in increased efficiency.

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2) Paperless Hiring:

  • As mentioned in the above point, RMS helps to overcome the paperwork management in the mass recruitment process.
  • All paper-intensive processes like candidate application, information filling, and documents submission can be chopped with RMS.
  • Add value to your information assets by implementing a more rich, secure, streamlined and collaborative system with RMS.
  • To move beyond outdated ATS, the application procedure should be made paperless for a better way of hiring that benefits both hiring manager and job candidates.

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3) Enhance Candidate Experience:

  • RMS helps in delivering a personalized candidate experience during the complete proceeding.
  • Keeps the talent engaged post offer and delivers a seamless candidate journey.
  • Use of auto-responder ensures that the candidate is notified of their application and interview status.
  • Timely communication with the candidate’s post-offer helps in talent retention. Positive candidate experience has an extensive effect on employer branding as well.

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Let’s check HirePro’s way of mastering the art of candidate engagement


RMS made the recruitment process free from clunky technology, piecemeal application, and faulty screening process. What’s more? To know about real-time recruitment platform for candidate search and candidate management click here.



Keep Your Talent From Walking Out

Talent Retention and Onboarding..

Are you losing your talent before they walk into your organization?

No one wants the potential candidate to walk away and getting the right talent onboard is not an easy task.

Organizations need strong new hire onboarding processes. Employee onboarding is a strategic opportunity for organizations to increase talent retention and employee engagement.

Integrating new hires into the organization requires the formation of a mutual relationship.

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First impression matters..

Do you remember your first day at work?

You are probably excited, a little nervous, and wanting to make the right impression.

Similarly, for the hiring manager, to create an effect and make the candidate feel comfortable with right impression is very crucial.

The first impression can create an everlasting effect, so make the most in the first meeting.

Recruitment efforts will bring the potential hire to your door, but how you manage the interview will influence whether the candidate accepts the offer. Even if the candidate is not brought into the company, they may refer other potential candidates to your company. You want the referral to be a positive one.

New hire onboarding..

The work is not over once the candidate accepts the offer. An organization needs strong new hire onboarding program. Employee onboarding is a strategic opportunity for organizations to increase retention and talent engagement.

Successful onboarding requires candidate engagement after the offer is accepted which starts even before the candidate steps in the organization. The time from when the offer is accepted until the joining date is very crucial. Even a little negligence will make you lose the right talent. So make the most of it. Integrating new hires into the organization requires the formation of a mutual relationship.

60% of HR professionals say that it is a major battle to retain the talented candidates. It is recommended to promote the work culture to attract and retain the new hires. Creating a positive work culture where each employee is valued, supported and engaged in work will not only help in retaining your talent but also impact your company’s bottom line.

So, strategize your talent management and strengthen your new employee onboarding to keep your talent from walking out your door. Discover the power of digital onboarding with M-Brace.

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HirePro Consulting: Inspiring innovation in RPO & Cloud Recruiting

Building an organisation takes a lot of effort. This includes getting the right talent onboard. So, are you in search of innovative RPO solutions and seamless Cloud recruiting? Then, HirePro is just right for you.

There are a plethora of options when one gets to choosing an RPO provider. But HirePro goes the extra mile and becomes ‘partner’ of the process. In any form of RPO engagement, we do the research to understand the organisations’ requirement. And before we take the plunge, we ensure that we have the right start. There is a reason why HirePro’s imprints can be seen in some of the leading organisations’ hiring processes.

Dwelling on the numerous ‘whys’ that must be clouding your thoughts right now, we have a few pointers to settle that:

If RPO, why HirePro?

Because for HirePro, it is not just about offering a well rounded RPO package, but keeping the quality of Talent Acquisition intact.

Does HirePro only cater to IT/ ITeS domain?

It is a myth. We have a proven record of handling RPO requirements across diverse domains, starting from IT/ITeS to BFSI or Pharma. With the current innovation in place, we are expanding to Government projects as well.

What’s the cutting edge here?

HirePro’s RPO is driven by indigenously developed automated platform, that helps organize the lifecycle of a large scale hiring process e.g. campus hiring. A fine example of cloud recruiting in India. It, thus, unburdens the load off the hiring managers and helps them ensure a healthy work-life balance.

If it is about staying ahead of the competition, then innovation is the key and for HirePro, it never stops.

We haven’t really exhausted all our thoughts here, but you are more than welcome to continue the conversation by connecting with us here.


The rise of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Technology

Looking for advanced recruitment process outsourcing technology of the future?  Is your recruitment technology affecting your work-life balance? Are you missing out on candidate follow up emails, recruitment reports, campus event deadlines or revenue generation? Furthermore, are you losing on top talent for your organisation?

Here’s why you need to embrace recruitment process outsourcing technology of 2020:

With the rise of modern RPO technology being extensively leveraged at every step of your recruitment process in India, the RPO industry is now advancing towards a new-age solution for better talent acquisition.

Be it hunting for the quality talent, maintaining a huge candidate database, managing multiple campus events, improving the candidate experience at each and every stage of recruitment cycle or ensuring a world-class culture fitment without comprising your precious time for your family, the rise of RPO technology is evident.

What if a recruitment process outsourcing suite could take care of all your recruitment hassles in a jiffy?

Wondering how to go about searching for customised RPO technology?

Too many questions about what to look for in a recruitment process outsourcing provider?

Finally, bringing to you the recruitment process outsourcing technology suite of the future which manages:

  1. Recruitment Hiring drives
  2. Customised Assessment Design
  3. Candidate Offer Management
  4. 360-degree Onboarding Process
  5. Multiple Campus Event Management
  6.  Reports and Analytics 

Considered most noteworthy in the Campus Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider in India, HirePro has managed to get one step closer to this belief, with its indigenous recruitment automation technology tool,  click here to be a part of this recruitment revolution of 2020.