The Strategic Impact of Recruitment


When strategic approach and innovation combine with unconventional catchment generation and extensive assessment, the result is magic – not unlike what HirePro enabled for a next generation professional solutions platform for photographers.

Summary: With strategic approach in recruitment process combined with cutting edge technology, HirePro played a pivotal role in increasing the offer-to-joining ratio from 55% to 75% in an online digital photography company, which directly impacted the recruitment productivity by 35%.

This customer is an online digital photography company, focused on the fulfilling the needs of professional photographers on lead generation, web hosting, e-commerce, online collaboration, print and design services. In addition, their offerings include prints, calendars and photobooks. The company was faced with the challenge of expanding its talent base rapidly to meet increased growth ambitions and tasked HirePro with helping grow its resource base by 50% within 6 months across 16 branches of the company, with over a 100 target locations, including Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. The primary skill requirements included designers and sales professionals.

The HirePro account team started this project at the highest strategic levels – working with the company to evolve a plan where all open positions, categorized by function (sales, design), were captured in detail with goals and targets assigned to each. This was followed by a talent landscaping exercise to map catchments for the unique talent requirements across all regions. This was followed by a well coordinated effort on sourcing, assessment management and interview coordination. In addition, HirePro advised the customer on best practices for diverse HR activities such as Employee Referral programs, employee grievance handling systems; market intelligence on salary trends and appraisal structures to enhance retention.

Eventually, HirePro was able to help the customer rapid closure rates with 90% of design positions closed 15 days prior to target dates. There was a significant increase in the offer-joining ratio, which went from 55% to 75%; and increase in recruitment productivity by 35%. Also, as a result of the strategic advisory on employee retention, the company was able to meet its strategic attrition control rates and increased its retention rate by 7%.

Shopping for Talent Made Easy

SHOPPING FOR TALENT MADE EASYWhen the best in the business come calling, creating access to industry leading talent isn’t a nice-to-have, it is the key to success and accomplishment. It is in situations like this that innovation & relevant reach assume super-critical proportions and the ability to ensure precision in resource identification is an integral part of enabling the success of the venture. And when the assignment is for a Fortune 500 corporation with exacting standards of quality and excellence, HirePro’s expertise and innovation worked wonders to consolidate the leading retail workforce in the country.

A global retail giant looked at getting access to the most qualified people to satisfy the resourcing requirements for its latest division in Bangalore. The company is one of the largest in the world and was in the process of setting up a new division in India to help change the future landscape of e-commerce. They sought to hire an elite team to lead this division; with a key requirement being to ensure that this team in India matches the calibre of similar teams globally on business management and performance. The team was to comprise leading resources in information technology, with educational backgrounds in computer sciences, IT and information science.

Summary: HirePro helped a global retail giant to establish an elite team to help change the future landscape of e-commerce in India. They undertook an extensive analysis of the specific requirement and defined 3-phase strategy to ensure a successful and effective recruitment process.

The top three mandates of this assignment included –no compromise on quality of talent; brand promotion (relatively unknown employer brand in India); and off-campus recruitment management. The HirePro team undertook a detailed and extensive analysis of the specific requirements of the client; and at the end of the evaluation, defined a 3-phased strategy to ensure a successful and effective recruitment process. Phase 1 was a 3-month pilot for a focused talent branding to generate market interest and candidate profiles; along with the implementation of two sets of events with face-to-face interviews of 40 pre-screened candidates. Phase 2 involved a parallel effort by multiple teams over a 6 month period to complete critical hires with a 3 month Phase 3 for all positions closure and stabilization of process for future hires. Other initiatives implemented included advisory on talent landscaping and compensation benchmarking. The assignment also witnessed HirePro implement a highly effective program for screening / shortlisting process management, interview coordination and offer management.

Perfecting the Art of Young Talent Draw


The complexity of a well-coordinated simultaneous multi-market fresher recruitment process, combining on-campus hiring and off-campus fresher recruitment for maximum impact helps a global IT major efficiently draw over 2500 talented professionals who fit the exacting specifications of a global-standard workforce. Every year. Unerringly.

A world leader in IT products and services with several business lines operating in India, with over 50,000 employees in India works with HirePro to attract over 8,000 employees each year at various levels through diverse channels, including 2500 from campus & off-campus initiatives. Diverse divisions of the company including BPO & Tech Solutions, R&D and IT services work with HirePro on this initiative. One primary objective of the program is procuring candidates in volumes without compromising on quality of talent. Another is ensuring superior candidate experience through the entire process. HirePro is also tasked with integration of the on-campus and off-campus initiatives and with the assessment process management. Particularly on the latter, HirePro manages a dedicated assessment centre for the company, which witnesses candidate volumes of up to 300 a day.

Summary: A world leader in IT products and services with over 50,000 employees in India works with HirePro to attract over 8000 employees each year, including 2500 from campus & off-campus initiatives. Hence, the company achieves quality of talent, without compromising on superior candidate experience.

HirePro uses a combination of consulting, assessment process management, reports and analytics to help the company meet its objectives.

A Study in Scale Management


Summary: This is a commendable example of HirePro’s recruitment program working to address the key challenges in recruitment to meet its target of hiring 450 candidates in 6 months successfully, with no sourcing overheads.

The unique resourcing requirements of the BFSI space coupled with the drive and ambition of a new entrant into the competitive sector… this is the story of how one of India’s youngest yet fastest growing life insurance companies worked with HirePro to successfully resource 450 positions across the country in a matter of months.

The company’s business model is built around the “Bancassurance” business model and it has a rapidly growing network comprising close to 5000 promoter bank branches in 1000+ cities and towns across the length and breadth of India. The company employs over 1800 people and was looking to scale up its resource base to match its rapidly expanding pan-India operational presence.

Adopting a pragmatic consultative approach, HirePro addressed all key challenges holistically in the assignment to ensure a well-coordinated and seamless recruitment program. The approach was highly customized to the unique organizational requirements of the customer, based on an in-depth evaluation of its culture and approach to operations. Key initiatives implemented included a dedicated 24×7 support team, process automation, tapping national reach into graduate schools & vendor bases, a focused branding effort, technology for live chat interview formats, assessment management and setting up & running interviewer workshops.

The recruitment process was made effective and impactful; and designed to provide significant support to operations teams through a system of reporting, comprising comprehensive weekly and monthly recruitment reports and MIS for informed decision making. As a result, the company was able to meet its target of 450 hires in 6 months across locations, including remote markets. They witnessed an increase of 30% in availability of suitable profiles and an offer-joining ratio of 69% (from the previous 40% mark).