Automated Online Proctoring for Precise Remote Assessments

Considering the importance of social distancing now, the need to stay connected with the entire world remotely has become the need of the hour for every individual. Businesses are also embracing this change; they are trying to revive their operations through remote business co-ordinations.

To ensure business continuity, most firms are looking for technology-led solutions that can help them save time and costs in a project while generating desired results.

For instance, for businesses that have hiring requirements but are not able to fulfill them since offline hiring possibilities seem distant for a while now, remote hiring, through advanced technology platforms, seems to be the best option to find top talent. Online assessments and video interviews are in trend and proctored assessment platforms are making remote assessment and interview experiences even better for recruiters.

What does online video proctoring mean and why is it important?

A non-monitored online test can call for unwanted impersonation, cheating, and fraudulent behaviour. Candidates can resort to using smartphones or other kinds of digital devices to seek answers online or might have someone else take the test on their behalf.

This the reason why online video proctoring is becoming mainstream. Online video proctoring is a technology that monitors more than one parameter at a time and video records candidates’ behaviour while they are taking an assessment test and/or giving an interview. Remotely proctored assessments and interviews ensure recruitment precision.

Thus, to guarantee cheat-proof assessments, talent acquisition managers should consider online video proctoring. However, choosing the right assessment platform with video proctoring can be tricky. It is wise to go with a platform that provides advanced online proctoring technology that offers superior video and audio analytics for every suspicious activity captured.

HirePRO Assessments with online, remote video proctoring

candidates interview online

We humbly take pride in being the sole recruitment technology platform that offers complete remote recruitment. Our assessments are unique with automated detection and prevention of cheating which categorizes each candidate with a suspicion score for cheating. Our auto proctored assessments help you evaluate candidates with precision and hire the best.

HirePRO Assessments comes with an advanced online video proctoring technology that detects suspicious activities and sends notifications to the candidate(s) about it. With multiple features to proctor online assessments and help examiners eliminate fraudulent candidate behaviour, HirePRO’s one-stop customized assessment platform is an all-in-one solution for companies looking to assess the best talent.

HirePRO was founded in 2003, and over the last 15 years we have conducted over 10 Mn assessments with:

  • 100,000+ live interviews, and
  • Over 350,000 video tests

We have created a niche for our unique end-to-end recruitment solutions, online proctored assessments, and video interviews being prominent ones. If you are a hiring manager, here is what you should expect from our online assessments and video interviews platform:

  • Communication, domain skill and psychometric assessments
  • Live and asynchronous interviews with interactive coding sessions
  • Automated online video proctoring
  • Automatic detection of impersonation and fraudulent behaviour
  • Content services for customized assessments
  • A panel of expert interviewers to conduct initial rounds
  • Uninterrupted videos even on low bandwidth

Additionally, we offer you the following to make your search for the best talent seamless:

  • Integration with 3rd party platforms
  • Best-in-class support during business hours
  • Real-time reporting and analytics with instant insights
  • 24×7 functional features

How does HirePRO offer the best online assessment experience?

HirePRO Assessments and Video Interviews are built by a team of experts with 20+ patents and years of acquired knowledge and experience in audio/video technologies.

Technology being the driving force, these are the features you and your candidates, appearing for the test would find in our online video assessment platform:

  • The best-in-class streaming

Our platform enables seamless online video streaming and live video proctoring even on low bandwidth.

  • Multiple participants

As an assessment may need more than one examiner, HirePRO Assessments allows configuration of up to 4 participants in every given session.

  • Categorization

Detailed proctoring report is generated, for each candidate which provides a final score of high / low / no suspicion. Violation scenarios considered: different test taker, change of candidates during the test, companion accompanying the candidate, candidate hiding from or looking away from camera, candidate covering the camera, candidate navigating out of the test window, other human voices during the test.

  • Interactivity built-in

Screenshare and whiteboard is inbuilt for every session. It allows both an interviewer as well as interviewee to annotate on for better interaction.

  • Easy management

With every procedure, such as scheduling tests, collecting feedbacks, reviewing, and sending notifications, being automated, you can experience an advanced task management with HirePRO’s online assessment platform.

  • Automated proctoring

Using auto monitoring and sensing capabilities in-built in the software, powered by AI and ML, you can operate face matching, suspicion detection, and full-session recording functions.

  • Deep configurability

Our platform offers configurable emails, triggers, access, and much more for increased usability, flexible communication, and navigation.

  • ATS Integration

While this software can be operated exclusively, it can also be integrated with any ATS (Application Tracking system) with the support of an API (Application Programming Interface).

How have we reached a 99+ success rate with our online proctored assessments and remote interviews?

Our assessments and interviews platform offers many levels of proctoring at different stages:

proctoring session review
  • Image monitoring

Auto-detects suspicious activities in images:

  • Face mismatch (missing or someone else)
  • Face missing or camera blocked
candidate speech analysis
  • Video/audio monitoring

Auto-detects suspicious activities in video:

  • Candidate moving out of camera view
  • More than one person within the camera view
  • Browser monitoring

Auto-detects suspicious browser activities, and provides

  • Camera view and tab change warning
  • Auto-logout on too many violations
  • Complete recording

Access anytime for audits and reviews:

  • Video recording for the complete session
  • Suspicious moments auto highlighted

Are you ready to experience effective remote campus hiring with our proctored assessments and interviews?

HirePRO Assessments and Video Interviews enable you to find the best talent off-campus remotely, i.e., from the comfort of your home. With zero travel and reduced hiring cost, you can expect better returns and an increased talent pipeline.

As remote working is helping serve the cause behind social distancing now, use your valuable time in optimizing digital talent hunt to retrieve best results.

For further queries or demo, call us at 080 6656 0350 or write in to us at

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