A Study in Scale Management


Summary: This is a commendable example of HirePro’s recruitment program working to address the key challenges in recruitment to meet its target of hiring 450 candidates in 6 months successfully, with no sourcing overheads.

The unique resourcing requirements of the BFSI space coupled with the drive and ambition of a new entrant into the competitive sector… this is the story of how one of India’s youngest yet fastest growing life insurance companies worked with HirePro to successfully resource 450 positions across the country in a matter of months.

The company’s business model is built around the “Bancassurance” business model and it has a rapidly growing network comprising close to 5000 promoter bank branches in 1000+ cities and towns across the length and breadth of India. The company employs over 1800 people and was looking to scale up its resource base to match its rapidly expanding pan-India operational presence.

Adopting a pragmatic consultative approach, HirePro addressed all key challenges holistically in the assignment to ensure a well-coordinated and seamless recruitment program. The approach was highly customized to the unique organizational requirements of the customer, based on an in-depth evaluation of its culture and approach to operations. Key initiatives implemented included a dedicated 24×7 support team, process automation, tapping national reach into graduate schools & vendor bases, a focused branding effort, technology for live chat interview formats, assessment management and setting up & running interviewer workshops.

The recruitment process was made effective and impactful; and designed to provide significant support to operations teams through a system of reporting, comprising comprehensive weekly and monthly recruitment reports and MIS for informed decision making. As a result, the company was able to meet its target of 450 hires in 6 months across locations, including remote markets. They witnessed an increase of 30% in availability of suitable profiles and an offer-joining ratio of 69% (from the previous 40% mark).

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