A Day in the RPO Personnel’s Life

A day in the RPO personnel's life
A day in the RPO Personnel’s Life

Pretty smooth, right? Getting up at 6: 30 am in the morning, prepping up a delicious breakfast, rarin’ to reach the office, slurping a hot cup of cappuccino while making calls to the promising applicants for a brief phone screen and ultimately making them say ‘YES’ to the job offer. Painted a pretty good picture of a day in an RPO personnel’s life, right?

Isn’t that the best thing about RPO personnel’s life? One can pretty much predict the campus hiring events and other recruiting activities that will occur during the entire day. It’s also easy to identify the recruiting tools you need to get done, prioritize them accordingly, and then plow candidates through the day & then comes the perfect ‘eureka moment of the day’ when one finds the crème de la crème talent.

Yeah, right…it happens only in RPO professional’s dreams!

If one is an RPO professional, their time management, planning, multi-tasking and organizational skills are tested to the max each and every day.

In fact, it is enough to drive a normal person crazy!

Actually, one of the biggest challenges RPO professional face is trying to manage multiple  campus hiring events schedules and accomplishing the “tasks of ensuring efficient access to right talent” in a work environment of constant change of job requirements, interruptions, firefighting, etc

So, the question is can an RPO professional have a perfect day in his life? The answer is probably no.

However, one can apply the following tactics to inject life into the day-to-day grind of recruiting to become more productive, efficient and have more fun.

3 Revolutionary tips to improve a day in an RPO personnel’s life

Recruiting Life Tip 1: Disconnect to Rev Up –

Simple as it seems, one RPO professional might find it very hard to break the habit of staying virtually connected all the time for work. One way to start is to set aside a chunk of time meditating every day for a minute or two.

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Recruiting Life Tip 2: Go digital to be a recruiting Yogi

Let’s face it, more and more jobs are searched through mobiles and ‘phablets’ by the passive candidates. It’s time to create a functioning, yet slimmed-down recruiting device which is usable via a five-inch screen to balance your recruiting life like a modern yogi.

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Recruiting Life Tip 3: Brainstorm to face disruption

Take every morning or whenever it will work to force yourself to either do some strategic brainstorming (maybe with a colleague), learn a new recruiting technology, read an HirePro resources section, or whatever else it takes to stay agile. Just be sure to devote this time to one’s own personal development and growth.

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A Portrait of an RPO personnel’s life in a day of 2020

The future of jobs will be a highly virtual space. It will be a fast-moving, dynamic, and techno-focused environment. The old recruiting life was built on stability; the new world of recruiting is built on change and flex. The emerging era of 2020 will require fast, flexible, passionate recruiting ( RPO) professional who has an active orientation and a grasp of orchestrating the workforce of the future. And, one will have to be able to put all this into a personal style that is persuasive, fun, and engaging.

In short, the RPO personnel of 2020 will have to be totally relationship-oriented and embrace the virtual.

Interview of Mr. Rishi Das, Co-founder, CareerNet Group with Sartaj Anand, Founder, egomonk

In the recent web episode of Insightful Encounters, Sartaj Anand, founder of egomonk, interviews Mr. Rishi Das, Co- founder of Careernet Group & CEO, CareerNet, HirePro & IndiQube.

In the interview, Mr. Rishi Das speaks about his new venture IndiQube which provides fully managed, plug and play startup workspaces, tailored to help startups and emerging small and mid-sized companies flourish.

He explains during the conversation that to scale up a business, one should fill the opportunity gaps prevalent in the market. Since the startups are flexible and ever growing, Indiqube properties also come with the flexibility to expand the existing space accordingly.

He mentions about the existing clientele of IndiQube with the likes of FreshMenu, BlueStone etc., which grew from a small startup to a mid-sized company with IndiQube as its growth partner.

When asked about his future plan he quotes, “Basically when you give birth to a child, it’s a big mental orientation, it’s a lot of commitment. So, I am now clearly aligned to make IndiQube big, create a big impact story out of that, take it pan India and impact a lot of entrepreneurs in a nice way.”

He also insists that IndiQube should not be mistaken as real-estate business, it is a complete B2B service provider.

This interview with Mr. Rishi Das serves as an inspiring story for emerging entrepreneurs and will immensely impact their future endeavors.  

Get access to the complete interview on the link below:


Interview Management: Setting Candidate Expectations Right

Have you ever taken time to reflect back? Is it the interview management or the interviewees who are failing in the interview?  If not, it’s time to give it a thought.

Positive Candidate Experience
Interview Management process and candidate experience

Some of you might be able to remember when recruiting was about pulling names from a classified ad of a newspaper.

So, what are the steps to be followed before scheduling an interview?

  • Dialing the contact person in the organization – then request the candidates to send their resumes for further shortlisting.
  • Once the candidate would clear the application stage, call them and schedule an interview slot.
  • Post-offer-follow-up is also one of the important steps in inter management process.

We have been hearing a lot from HR professionals in various organizations expressing concerns about the quality and consistency in the way the whole interview process is managed. But, when it comes to talent attraction and setting candidate expectations right in the interview, it is high time to bring a change and introspect each aspect of the whole interview management process.

So let’s identify some critical steps to drive and make your interviewing process a world class:-

Hiring Managers need a new cape for acting as a Salesforce

Think Out of the Box in interview management
Think Out of the Box

When it comes to setting candidate expectations right, it is important to think out of the box.

It is time to start defining targeted talent persona and creating an attraction plan around their specific consumer behaviors. To design the talent persona, talk to your top performers and find out what makes them tick.

How did they come to your company?

How do they stay current with what is going on within their industry?

What message would really resonate with them?

Isn’t that the same approach followed by the sales force to attract the customer to a product? Yes, you are right!

To streamline the interview management process, take some research, make a checklist of the questions and prepare some selling points based on the interest of the talent persona. Sell the right message during the interview and, place that message in a right manner to nurture the targeted talent pipeline.

Subsequently, you will attract and connect with the right candidates in a jiffy.

Interview Management and Candidate Nurturing:

Nurturing and building a relationship with your talent persona like leads is just as important as attracting them.

31% of selected candidates keep waiting to hear back after the interview process is over. 44% feel the lack of response from recruiters is the most frustrating part. As a result, they start looking for other jobs.

To build and nurture a connection with the targeted talent pipeline, you can begin building relationships through email campaigns, direct mail, text messaging. Using a tool to check the status of the documents submitted online for background verification is also essential.

But, the important part is to create a strategy around how and when you interact with that targeted talent pipeline on the call.

Impact of Interview Management on Employer Branding:

Set up a few brainstorm creative sessions with your employees where you can define your core issues, evaluate your competition’s recruitment strategies, define your talent persona to them and, make your employees as brand ambassadors to connect with the targeted talent persona during the whole interview process.

Put it all together:

Your interview management process should be an integrated approach. Then, lead the art of talent draw and meeting up the candidate expectations right. There is no secret sauce. However, if you broaden your approach and your definition of recruiting, the candidate expectations can be attained. Try creating a multi-faceted approach to meet the candidate expectations. Create a robust strategy to nurture your candidate and use employees as brand ambassadors to build a relationship with the candidate.

For more information:

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Campus Recruitment and HirePro

Campus recruitment and Hirepro
Campus Recruitment and HirePro

A survey says as much as 84% of companies globally, understand the importance of campus recruitment. But, having said so, almost all of them agree on the fact that attracting campus talent is quite uphill a task.

In fact, it’s no secret that industries at large have been facing a major talent gap of late. The battle for talent acquisition has made organizations explore newer and better ways to source best-in-class talent through campus recruitment. With more than a lakh students adding up to the talent pool every year in India, the gap is widening.

Among the ways, organizations are implementing to change the face of recruitment, one of the major ones is, changing the dynamics of campus recruitment. Organizations today more than often hire from campuses well before the candidates graduate. As a result, providing them ample time to develop their role-specific skill sets by the time they graduate.  

Re-thinking your Campus Recruitment Program

Here’s how organizations could re-think their campus recruitment strategy for better results when it comes to acquiring talent:

1.  Indulge in employer branding – Every time an organization evaluates a candidate, the candidate evaluates the organization as well. It’s essentially important hence, to put the best foot forward. Be it the work culture or organizational policies or even the product/service domain.

2. Understand the candidate – It’s essentially important to understand the candidate – his intent, his expectations. Learn about a candidate’s objective and personal goals and align them to the growth of the organization. It can go a long way in both acquiring and retaining talent.

3. Doing it the “intelligent” way – The approach to acquiring campus talent should be objective, transparent and metric-driven. Many organizations lose out on potential talent due to lack of informed decision-making. Being aware of the talent landscape is a necessity for organizations to on board the right campus talent.

4. Hire anytime, hire anywhere – The talent scenario today demands an omnipresent campus recruitment program. But, in reality, any organization can only visit a handful campuses on a given day. To bridge this growing gap between talent and organizations, remote recruitment needs to be leveraged. Anytime, anywhere hiring is the future of the talent acquisition space by far.

Advantage of HirePro’s Campus Recruitment 

In the highly competitive world of campus recruitment, HirePro acts as a strategic expert partner. HirePro help companies navigate the landscape – from choosing the right campus to holding effective campaigns and managing resource-intensive recruitment simultaneously across several campuses, in a well-coordinated manner.

HirePro’s campus solutions bank on the unmatched strengths of access to 2000+ campuses across the nation. An intuitive understanding of academic specialization and in-depth profiling of campuses and talent creates the foundation for the HirePro’s science of assessment concepts, design, and development.

With seasoned professionals in campus recruitment, HirePro has helped countless companies draw up the ideal campus recruitment program and implement it in an impeccably coordinated manner.

Interested in knowing more about HirePro’s Campus Recruitment Solutions? Connect with us here.