Understanding the Importance of Hiring HiPo Talent

Understanding the Importance of Hiring HiPo Talent
Understanding the Importance of Hiring High Potential Talent

Hiring High Potential employees or HiPo talent is very critical for an organization. The HiPo talents can have an immeasurable impact on any organization.

Harnessing the power of your HiPo employees can bring potential benefits for the organization.

Who are HiPo talents?

Flag for the brand or your organization is mainly carried by these employees, who can turn around things completely with ground-breaking ideas. They are thought to be most agile, most articulate and most likely to rise to the positions of responsibility and power. HiPo talent show initiative, are most motivated and can get things done on their own. They are the potential decision makers.

Growing your company and producing efficient future leaders mainly depends on nurturing the HiPo talent of the organization. As your company grows, these HiPo talent may need to take new responsibility and leadership.

Because of their innate skill sets and decision making capabilities, they can rise to succeed to more senior and responsible positions in the organization.

Process to retain HiPo Talent
Process to retain HiPo Talent

Identifying hidden HiPo Talent

Identifying these HiPo talents are essential and coming up with ways to develop their ability is even more important. Formal assessment should be the first step in discovering the potential employees.

Once the HiPo employees are identified, it is important to work for their development process and render them with more visible responsibilities.

Organizations that successfully identify HiPos and help them in their development, gain measurable financial advantage over their competition.

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How to develop HiPo talent?

Hiring of HiPo talent will have a huge impact on grooming future leaders. They are effective talent developers. The strength of HiPo talents should be used judiciously. In the same way their drawbacks should be addressed through training and successive mentoring.

It is important to boost their potential, knowledge and experience at every step.

What an organization should do for hiring and development of HiPo talent?

  • Define potential correctly.
  • Identify HiPo talent among the employees.
  • Use objective measures to assess them.
  • Develop these HiPo talents continuously.

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Retention Strategies

Retaining the HiPo talent in particular means providing them with an environment where their potentials are acknowledged, they feel valued and connected.

So, how to retain these HiPo talent?  Let’s have a quick look at the below infographic: 

Successful tips to retain HiPo Talent
5 Successful tips to retain HiPo Talent
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